Our story


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Bomboniera is the living proof that vision, passion, expertise and bringing good into people’s life lead to success. What has started as a medium – size business back in 2004, is now a full – grown company, in which over two million euro were invested, ranked among the top Romanian hard candies and soft chews manufacturers and highly appreciated by sweets consumers on four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and North America). With their exquisite, varied taste and lasting flavor, their pleasant and delicate texture and attractive packaging, CIPI candies are the sweets of choice for the very young and seniors alike, for teenagers and young professionals in need for a boost of energy during long working hours.  Photo Gallery


From the very beginning, Bomboniera’s managing partner Ciprian Scrieciu focused on building a solid, lasting and successful business, by constantly improving the products quality and developing the product line. At only one year distance after its launch, encouraged by the increased demand for CIPI toffees, in July 2005, he started a very ambitious program that targeted the increase and modernization of the production capacity, product diversification, as well as the accreditation and implementation of ISO 22000 / HACCP. In January 2009, the plant acquired the most modern production line of candies in Romania, with a capacity of 250 kg per hour (140 tones /month) and the ability to manufacture one color or striped hard candy, as well as filled candies. At that time, the quality of the products was also recognized by the clients in other European countries such as Holland, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Macedonia, Kosovo and so on, making exports soar to 20% of the plant’s capacity.

In 2015, with an over two million euros investment, three production lines, five varieties and up to 200 tone per month production capacity, Bomboniera is ready for its big break- through on expanding its export.


CIPI candies are now available in four different assortments: toffees, centre filled soft chews, sugar hard candies and sugar free hard candies, the newest in the family. The sugar free candies were developed for the Italian market but due to an irresistible combination of taste – packaging – price, they are now available in all our markets, in a variety of flavors: coffee, cream, strawberry – yogurt, creamy – mint and packaging ( for pick’n’mix in one kilogram bag or for retail in 105 grams).

CIPI candies are manufactured following traditional recipes, using state-of -art equipment, high-quality and natural ingredients that makes them a delicious choice for consumers of all ages.

In 2016, Bomboniera will keep its commitment to excellence, continue to improve the quality and assortment of its products so that they meet consumers’ needs, consolidate its brand on existing markets and target new ones.